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S-Web / Villa Secrets - Empire State "Elevator Pitch"

S-Web / Villa Secrets - Empire State "Elevator Pitch"

Last updated on 5th March 2014

Hi, my name is Nick Ray Ball, I am the founder and systems designer for the S-World Network.

14 years ago I started to create S-World as a virtual Network and by 2003, I developed the world’s first commercial Virtual Tour, imbedded into this website (please view in Google Chrome).


Today, the most developed aspect of the S-World Network is S-Web, which is designed to be a website template which can be adapted and duplicated many times, similar to, or

However, when it comes to generating an income, S-Web greatly out performs such websites.

S-Web websites come commence ready, with stock at pre negotiated preferential rates, enquiry and navigation systems, a CMS full of easy to use inventory management tools, search engine optimization tools and live integration to Google Analytics. When speaking to Google's Online Specialist Tim Browning, S-Web was described as "far more advanced than any other website I've seen!"

At the beginning of 2014 the first prototype (CTLV) was launched.


Cape Town Luxury Villas
Cape Town Luxury Villas Homepage

Cape Town Luxury Villas Attributes and Headers CMS

Above, on the right we see a part of CTLV's magic, a CMS which automatically creates page headers, link text and Meta data for each product page from a villas attributes, generating thousands of unique relevant pages, created the way Google wishes them to be indexed.


Due to this and the many other "White Hat SEO" techniques adopted, for its target key phase, it took less than two months for the website to rise to number 1 in Google (free) Organic search and in the same time make it onto the first page for most relevant other key phrases, greatly increasing traffic and producing revenue generating enquiries.


In addition the websites is optimised for Google Adwords, so it costs less to advertise on Google and appears in higher positions.

Below we see the results for CTLV and its mother site who are literally dominating the top of Google, with positions one and two in for Google Adwords and one and two in Google Organic Search. Four from four, from over two million possible results.
(More on this)

Cape Town Luxury Villas tops Alexa million for Cape Town villas

"White Hat SOE" is Search Engine Optimization that is encouraged, recommended and approved by Google, Yahoo & Bing. All S-Web techniques are White Hat, and as such are future proofed, indeed all S-Web SEO is directly adapted from Google's own how-to SEO Guide.

In contrast many players at the top of global travel rankings use "Black Hat" linking schemes, but not for long as Google is now wise to there techniques and has taken the first shot across their bows.

Expedia Stock Tumbles on Web-Search Concerns

Expedia's drop is due to Goggles anti link hacking program Penguin, and its about time too, the S### some people try...

The above example was actually a lot worse than the report says, including cloning hidden links into peoples Word Press blogs. It was so bad at first the experts thought it was a negative SEO attack, until the day after when all the Word Press blogs suddenly removed the offending material. (Source)

The S-Web framework is completely legal, and the bigger it gets, the more powerful is gets. To the point where, in a few years, most first page Google results for keywords we target, will be from one S-Web network or another. S-Web is the magic ticket to the top of the charts.

This starts first with the Villa Secrets Network in Cape Town, which will grow to include 8 companies that will all receive franchise web-sites and have there inventory appear on After which Villa Secrets will offer clients Cape Town's widest selection of properties, at lower prices with a far higher degree of local knowledge and banking security than is found at any competitor.

Cape Town Villa Secrets Network
Cape Town Villa Secrets Network

As well as expanding in Cape Town, Villa Secrets will expand internationally in hundreds of specific locations, eventually creating thousands of networks, each using the same framework and "White Hat SEO" techniques. Intensified greatly by the gravity of the network and its hierarchical structure.

Villa Secrets Global Villas Network Map

So far, the eight combined websites in a network will have created between 30% to 50% visibility on relevant Google search pages.

To bring us closer to 70% to 90% we create competitive rivals to Villa Secrets, specializing sightly in different star gradings.

Villa Secrets, Luxury Villas, Villa Stars, Villa Shop

In addition comes brands created specifically for niches

Jet Set Villas, Bespoke Villas

And In addition still, the entire exercise will also be repeated in much the same way and intensity for other key words such as “Property,” “Real Estate,” “Houses,” “Homes,” “Apartments,” “Accommodation,” “Holidays,” “Vacations,” “Travel,” “Skiing,” “Chalets,” “Safaris,” “Guest Houses,” “Rentals,” and many more.

We have shown Google AdWords this exact strategy and received a provisional thumbs up.

Leaving the door open for us to create a strong travel and real estate global network, which in turn creates the framework for the S-World Global Network to incorporate new industry types within.

S-Web Global Network | Villas, Travel and Real Estate

S-Web / Villa Secrets - Financials


The exact model will differ from industry to industry.

Specific to villa rentals, below we see the current franchising agreement as applied to rental commissions earned by the franchise network.


Each new franchise making 62.5% of which 12.5% is used to to advertise their website. 12.5% goes to whomever placed the villa rented on the system. Often this will be the franchise that makes the sale, upping franchise percentage to 75%.


The balance of 25% of commission goes to S-Web / S-World, of which at least half will be spent on development.


Cape Town Luxury Villas tops Alexa million for Cape Town villas

The most secure way to estimate a new franchises income is to work on property mandates, as once signed the villa can be rented throughout the network and on others networks such as Razor/Booking Pal.

The least one would hope to achieved from a mandate in Cape Town for a property valued at about $1.5 million would be about $14,000 in commission each user.


Each franchise would be required to acquire a soft target of 8 villa mandates within a year of sign up, generating not less than $112,000 per year.

Cape Town Luxury Villas tops Alexa million for Cape Town villas

Of which S-Web would receive one quarter being $28,000


In addition comes rentals of 3rd party villas made from enquiries to the franchises new website and bookings made from Villa Secrets leads.


The system scores double and sometimes triple when bookings are made on line, and there are additional profit centres including, S-Web mandate rentals, international rental referrals, property sale referral fees, travel, excursions and concierge.

S-Web - Annual Profit Projection – Per Network


In total we see in the example above, a network franchise generating $176,000 of which 25% $44,000 is collected by S-Web.

Of course, following the same system in areas of Europe, the US and the Caribbean would create more revenue, as most often when the property value is higher, the rents are too.

From my actual experience as CEO of (before dedicating myself to S-World), from 2006 - 2009 we took an average of $550,000 which would have made S-Web $137,000. The figures provided are very cautions estimates and should increase each year as the network systems and its reach improves.

A good test would be to ask someone in real estate or luxury travel how much extra revenue they would make from an extra quality lead per day and the Google stats to demand more exclusive mandates? Another good test would be to ask any SEO company, if using White Hat SEO, they could optimize a websites to position one in Google in a competitive category within three months.


S-Web - Annual Profit Projection – Per Network

S-Web - Annual Profit Projection – Per Network


Above we see the current growth schedule for S-Web, focusing mainly on villa keywords, expanding to additional lines slowly over time. Figures shown are monthly income, we have gone to three years and arrived at about $1,500,000 per month, as the years go further forward returns reach far greater sums.

I have spreadsheets for this, which any reasonable person or due diligence officer would see as fair.


Investment option 1 - $1,000,000

S-Web - Annual Profit S-Web Villa Secrets Investment plan for $1,000,000 | India and South Africa


As with the current strategy, the scenario above sees myself relocate to India and fully concentrate with the team at Support Resort, and in addition creating a marketing team in South Africa, with senior directors and managers commuting out of Silicon Valley, California. In this scenario the cost of such directors would need to be born by the investor.

The plan here is it spend most of the investment in the first year, and let income generated pay for the team and further expansions when the investment capital runs dry.

This action would speed up returns by about 7 months.



Investment option 2 - $10,000,000

S-Web - Annual Profit S-Web Villa Secrets Investment plan for $1,000,000 | India, South Africa, US, Europe | S-World & American Butterfly

There would be a lot of conversation before such an investment were made, here we see a basic split, with figures for a years operations, but implemented over 18 months. This model see's myself situated in Silicon Valley.

This kind of investment should speed up the process by about a year and allows the resources to expand the network into other industries.

To me the most interesting and rewarding aspect is what will happen when the S-Web network starts to research and develop works from S-World and American Butterfly. Feb. 2011 to March. 2012

Of particular relevance to S-Web and Villa Secrets is the prequel chapter written for Virgin (March 2011), the Google chapter (June 2011) and the chapter Facebook Travel (August 2011). - Global Network - Economic Science

S-World is the desire to add a virtual element to Villa Secrets and S-Web and create S-World VSN “Virtual Social Network” and S-World VBN “Virtual Business Network.”

The ability to render and display properties and locations in near perfect 3D environment, will assist both travel and real estate companies. In addition, when popularized S-World VSN (Virtual Social Network) will attract clients.

Via the S-World VSN and VBN networks, property developments will be marketed

S-World Virtual Network - S-World VSN

American Butterfly Apr 2012 to Jan 2013

An extremely details business plan, which seeks to create real estate developments called “Resort Networks.”


American Butterfly and S-World are the answer to the question,

“How do we expand a well thought out travel and real estate network, into other industries?”

American Butterfly Business plan & Economic Science