Stefan Antoni Villa in Nettleton Rd Clifton Cape Town


by Stefan Antoni

Wow factor, and such a view from Africa’s most exclusive address.

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Location: Clifton – Nettleton Rd

Rated: Platinum Plus (6 Star Plus)

Bedrooms: Four

Price: £2,700to $7,700 p/n*

Oceana Villa by Stefan Antoni

Gaze out across the clear Blue Ocean and from time
to time catch sight of Bottlenose Dolphins and Humpback Whales.

Luxury Villa in Clifton

Enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace or watch the sun go down
from the comfort of your own balcony, you can be sure that your every need is taken care of.

Cape Town Luxury Villa with Modern Interior

Step back, relax, soak up and invigorate your senses with
the natural scenery right in the lap of luxury.

Luxury Villa with Ocean View in

Opulent furnishings and contemporary décor gloriously
bathed in sunlight, total serenity at its finest.

Luxury Villa in Clifton with Infinity Pool

Nothing is overlooked as visitors enjoy all the facilities
and amenities they could possibly need during their stay,
be it for business or pleasure, Pentagon has it all.

Clifton Luxury Villa with Ocean View

Delicious food, good wine - enjoy cozy intimate evenings or
fun and comfortable gatherings with friends and family.

Cape Town Villa Open Kitchen Alfresco Dining

An artful blend of modern comfort and luxury essentials,
your home away from home.

Floating Staircase in Luxury Villa
Clifton Floating Staircase and Lights by Stefan Antoni

10 Outstanding Vistas of Oceana Villa by architect Stefan Antoni

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 22 Jan 2016

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Oceana Villa by Stefan Antoni

Oceana is a Gorgeous Clifton Villa in Cape Town by Stefan Antoni

The Oceana is a Cape Town Villa along Nettleton Road, a most prestigious and prominent address in Clifton. This luxury villa designed by respected architect Stefan Antoni is situated in a phenomenal setting. Sitting on a cliff at Lions Head Nature Reserve the villa offers a sweeping view of the ocean, the majestic peaks as well as the beautiful horizon.

The Oceana is a Magnificent Sea Facing Luxury Villa in Cape Town

Relax at this beach lounge at Oceana with a view of the calming sea. This villa in Cape Town is breathtaking. Listen to the sound of the waters and you will find it soothing. Setting eyes on amazing scenery you fail to remember your anxieties. You focus on how grand nature is and you just enjoy every second of it.

Luxury Villa with Ocean View in
Luxury Villa In Clifton

A Villa in Clifton Created to Give Comfort as well as Relaxation

This villa in Clifton is a contemporary villa with the structure designed to complement the beauty of its natural surroundings. All of the elements from the living spaces to the floor plan as well as the fixtures and the furnishings intended to provide a great extent of comfort and luxury. You will find living at this Cape Town Villa satisfying.

Elegance of Oceana Villa with the Captivating Scenery in Clifton

There is no place you would rather be if you are in a Cape Town Luxury Villa like this. You are close nature while enjoying the pool or relaxing indoors, it’s fascinating. You can see the path uphill that surrounds the peak. It’s a famous trekking route in Clifton overlooking Camps Bay, Cape Town Central, Table Mountain and V&A Waterfront.

Luxury Villa in Clifton with Infinity Pool

Oceana Villa, Cape Town by Stefan Antoni

Cape Town Luxury Villa with Modern Interior

The Modern Abode with a Refined Interior in Contrasting Colors

The above photo exhibits the sophisticated details you will observe at this villa in Cape Town. The walls are covered in contrasting colors of light as well as dark shades. This section of the house also leads to another room with a wooden interior. Clearly the Oceana Villa is a contemporary home combining modern concepts along with conventional design ideas.

Oceana Villa in Cape Town with a Contemporary Floating Staircase

The floating wood staircase is a modern design idea featured in this contemporary villa in Cape Town. You are assured that it is safe for children to use. This set of steps is made of timber as well as includes a stable cord like support that keeps it secure. What’s more the stairway support also functions as a protective rail.

Cape Town Luxury Villa Floating Staircase

Cape Town Villa Open Kitchen Alfresco Dining

Accessibility of the Open Kitchen to the Exquisite Living Spaces

What is spectacular about the kitchen at this luxury villa in Clifton is its layout. You have accessibility to the dining area plus the outdoor and indoor living spaces. The open floor plan gives you a huge advantage as freshly cooked meals are easily served from the well-equipped kitchen. You will have a great time bonding with family and friends.

Modern as well as Rustic Qualities of the Innovative Home Design

This part of Oceana Villa displays home innovation including unique elements. The sophisticated lighting fixture in this room reminds you of the brilliant blue sky. On the other had it accentuates the wooden interior making the room warm as well as inviting. The walls also serve as book shelves making this space at this villa in Cape Town more interesting.

Clifton Floating Staircase and Lights by Stefan Antoni

Oceana Luxury Villa Cape Town

Best of Coastal Living in this Well-Appointed Villa in Cape Town

This phenomenal villa in Clifton has comfortable and spacious air conditioned bedrooms. In addition the private and exclusive Cape Town Luxury Villa includes a cinema, a gym as well as an office and a spa. Not only that, if you want a serene spot to relax and reflect there is a specific area within the property for yoga and meditation.

The Cape Town Luxury Villa within a Safe and Convenient Location

The Oceana Villa in Cape Town is situated in a prime as well as secluded location. There are security cameras, a full alarm system and electric fencing to the rear. The best part is the magnificent beaches are just within the vicinity. And you’re going to love this, a myriad of top stores and restaurants are within the Clifton neighborhood.

Luxury Villa in Clifton

By Krissy at Villa Secrets 22 Jan 2016

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