Bond House Villa Camps Bay

Bond House - 008

by Stefan Antoni

"World Class Stefan Antoni Villa, Near Camps Bay Beach"

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Location: Camps Bay

Rated: Platinum Plus (6 Star Plus)

Bedrooms: 7 (One is a separate studio apartment)

Price : £849 to $2890 p/n

Bond House Villa Cape Town

"Stephan Antoni’s Bold Striking Architecture set against the 12 Apostles"

Stefan Antoni Luxury Villa Cape Town

"Bond House’s Infinity pool looks into the Ocean, just 100m from the beach"

Bond House Cape Town

"Minimalist Interior Décor & Clean Architectural Lines lead to Striking Views"

008 Villa Camps Bay Cape Town

"Stunning Architecture by Architect Stefan Antoni, Eclipsed by Nature"

Bond House View of Lions Head in Cape Town

"Looking Over Camps Bay Beach and Lions Head Nature Reserve"

Bond House Camps Bay by Stefan Antoni

"Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean from the Bond House Living Room"

Bond House Bedroom Cape Town Villas

"The Minimalist Master Bedroom at Bond House Villa"

Bond House View from Bedroom

"Sunset across the Atlantic Ocean from the Bond House Master Bedroom"

Is Bond House in Cape Town Camps Bays Top Luxury Villa?

By Krissy at Cape Town Luxury Villas 04 Feb 2016

Bond House Villa Camps Bay Cape Town

Bond House, a Stunning Cape Town Villa by Stefan Antoni

The Bond House is a contemporary home on a breathtaking terrain. The luxury Camps Bay villa in Cape Town is designed by Stefan Antoni. It has sophisticated features, simply elegant with transparent living spaces offering spectacular views of the surrounding area. You will find a 270-degree vista of Camps Bay and the Lions Head as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

The Luxury Villa in Camps Bay with Exceptional Living Spaces

The living spaces make this luxury villa in Camps Bay so exquisite. It has glass partitions with an open floor plan making the indoor and outdoor areas seemingly connected. The spacious lounge with minimalist details is uncluttered allowing freedom of movement. Imagine this… the calm sea plus the beautiful peak all in view while you relax at the Bond House.

Bond House View of Lions Head in Cape Town
Bond House Camps Bay by Stefan Antoni

Benefits of Staying at this Modern Villa with an Open Floor Plan

There is a huge advantage of staying in a vacation home with an open floor plan. The shared experiences at this Cape Town Villa make your holiday more memorable with family and friends. At the Bond House the sitting and dining areas have no partitions. This fosters togetherness even if you are all in the different sections of the house.

The Bond House Skylight and the Magnificent Horizon in Cape Town

One distinctive feature of the Bond House designed by Stefan Antoni is its Skylight. Night and day the natural light shines through making this dining area a preferred spot at this luxury villa. This sanctuary in a fascinating location with a beautiful horizon really makes a mark. The heavens are truly uplifting as well as peaceful at this phenomenal setting.

Stefan Antoni Luxury Villa Cape Town
Bond House Automation System

A  Cape Town Luxury Villa that Includes a Home Automation System

This villa in Cape Town is an ideal place for intimate events. The casual ambiance at the Bond House makes it perfect for the family or a group of friends. By the way, as a neat little bonus this luxury villa has a home automation system. This lets you control the satellite TV, audio, video, lighting, air conditioning, heating and security.

The Bond House Dining Area Blends with the Tranquil Environment

The monochromatic motif of the Bond House’s dining area fits the tranquil setting. Its polished look in earth tones and ivory perfectly blends with the surroundings. Meals are always delightful for you have an amazing view through the glass doors from morning until night time. The great part is from the luxury villa the beach is just a four-minute walk.

Bond House Cape Town

The Outdoor & Indoor Lounges at the Exclusive Camps Bay Property

The Bond House is a villa in Camps Bay that has fixtures and furniture made of natural materials with a minimalist appeal. The sun loungers and sitting areas offers utmost comfort in different corners of the exclusive property. All the living areas in this Cape Town Villa are in neutral palettes. Each section has a clean arrangement with wide passages.

The Contemporary and Chic Design of the Bedrooms at the Luxury Villa

The monochromatic motif is still observed in all of the bedrooms at the Bond House. Each has an open floor plan that includes en suite bathrooms. The classic and chic interiors of the rooms plus its symmetrical design help put the mind at ease. The glass door also provides you with an amazing view as you get ready to sleep.

Bond House Bedroom Cape Town Villas

Pool with an Exquisite View in a Villa in Cape Town in Camps Bay

The Bond House has a rim-flow pool with a raised timber deck. Consider this awesome vista as you enjoy the sun’s rays or cool down and take a dip in the pool. This Cape Town Villa offers the luxury as well as the exclusivity you opt for. This is the best place to unwind and settle in at Camps Bay.

A Luxury Camps Bay Villa in Cape Town offering a 270-degree View

The Bond House is brilliantly constructed with incredible views in every part of the home. Spending your holidays at this villa in Cape Town Villa is comparable to none.  Not only that, it has a cantilever staircase that leads to the first floor. The flight of steps impeccably and cleverly designed that it seems to be floating in mid air.

Bond House Villa Camps Bay Cape Town by Stefan Antoni
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